Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Potluck that I had yesterday.

I had potluck at my English conversation club yesterday. This time, all of people brought tasty cooking except for deserts. I had a good time at there. The foods were so delicious, and I felt I'm very happy when I have many foods to eat.

I kept eating for 4 hours chatting. (2 hours English conversation club, 2 hours Spanish conversation club. I have some communication with Spanish conversation club people too)
Around the end of the time of the club, one Chinese lady came up to me and said, "I somehow like you. You keep eating for long time but you are so thin!" I don't understand what she meant actually. I could speak English a lot yesterday. Good for me.

In the Spanish club, there is one German lady. I recognize her but haven't talked with her until yesterday.

She moved in the USA more than 10 years ago and told me how she have been feeling during the time and had tough time to live here. It's because we are leaning new language to each of us, she learn Spanish and I learn English. So I think she felt somthing common between us. Besides before she started to learn Spanish she also had tough time to learn English.

She married to an American man, then moved in this country. She didn't speak enough English to live here at that time, so she said to me "It's ok for dairy life like when I go out with my friends, go shopping. But I had really, really tough time when I argured with my husband. His mother language is English so he can tell me anything he wants to tell including bad words. But I couldn't do that. Especially most of time when I am upset, English words didn't come up in my brain. Every time we argued with my husband it was really frastrated to me, it was stressfull very much more than my husband felt for sure. I took for up to 5 years to tell my husband anything I want to."

I totally agree with her. It's the same to me. I was repeating "Exactly" many times, and when I noticed I was weeping. She said "Now it might be most hardest time for you, but it will be better little by little." I was cheered by her, and felt free a little bit.

But I don't know if I could be persistent for another up to 4 years :-(

Saturday, August 27, 2005

My new rabbit, SOU

This is SOU. He was named after a Japanese Kanji charactor which means "trouble maker", "buster".

When he joined my family, he was active more than BOO, running around in the family room and wasn't afraid to be touched and coming out of the cage.

He is still small. I feel like he isn't growing, but eating well and healthy. He likes jump on my body :-)

My new rabbit, BOO.

He is Boo. He was named after American ghoust.
American ghoust has black rimmed eyes and show up saying "BOO". That' why.

He is growing more and more everyday. Eat a lot, eat anything. I thought his charactor is tame, but not :-( He is getting used to be with me and loves to explore in the family room.

Nobody likes my cooking.

I don't like to attend Potluck. Because nobody likes my cooking. Most of people bring a cake. It's too sweet for me. It's kind of impossible to bake cake for me because I don't have a oven or something to bake cake. (Actually, I have a oven, but my husband doesn't allow me to use it.) Besides, I cannot cook meat inside of the house. It's because my husband is a vegetarian and doesn't like to see or smell grease. So when I burn something, I have to go outside to do it. I think it's ludicrous, but this is my fact.

I usually bring something vegetable cooking to Potluck. But I think it's not easy to eat like a piece of cake.

I said to my husband today, "Nobody likes my cooking, but you."

But. He said, "Oh, I'm just being nice to you."

What does this mean?! He also dislike my cooking. I was doing my best to serve him. I believe I can do better if I could be in normal situation to cook!

I decided to make the same vegetable cooking the next week. I will see what he would say.
I'm tired to cook for him :-(

Japanese who wants to learn English...

I met a Japanese lady who wants to learn English in the last English conversation club. She is new to live in this country since 3 months ago.

I think this conversation club is really good place to plactice English, but she said it's waste of the time to join the club.

It's because she wants to learn English from American, but many people who come to this club is not American. I somehow understand what she means. English which is spoken by American is really clear pronounciation, easier to understand than other English which is spoken by foreign people. And hopefully I'm wishing I could get such a good pronounciation on my English too.

But..., to live in this country, I have to understand what people say. More than 50 % of resident in this country is immigrant. So many people speak their own English, like I speak Japanese English. I think only American English is not English....

I hope she would come back though.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Listening skill

I visited my friend's house yesterday. 3 people got together for lunch. It's good speaking and listening practice of English for me.

One problem is... if they were native English speaker, I didn't have this problem I think. The 2 people were from South America (Hispanic). It's hard to understand their English! Like... when she said "candle" I heard it as "condo". The friend is a white woman (American), her English is easier to understand. Her speaking is so fast, so it makes another problem to me though.

But the American seems to be understanding the Hispanic English. So, it's just my listening skill is low.

To me, Indian English is difficult to understand either. Probabry, my English must be difficult to understand for them.
The American's daughter taught me how to play chess yesterday :-) I didn't know how to do at all. It was kind of amazing. Depends on the chessmen, they move differently. Difficult game!

I played with a computer game after I came back to my home, I have lost many games easily..., but it's interesting.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

New ESL class from this fall.

I went to register the ESL class that will be started from Sep. 26. The class is held by public school. I can choose a place and time zone (am10:00-noon or pm7:00-9:00) depends on the level (Loteracy; beginning; Intermediate; Advanced). Some schools and libraries are opened for the classes. The tuition fee is $75, registration fee was $15.

There was a level check (I guess that was a level check test) and it was very easy for me. They showed me some pictures and asked me some questions it was like, "What is this child doing?", "This man wants to buy two apples, but he doesn't know how much they are. What does he has to do?", "When you had an emergency what will you do?"...etc. And then... I got "advanced".

I was kind of dissapointed because what my level is advanced means the class level itself is not high :-( I guess it might be higher than free ESL class which I took before.

Anyway I already paid the fee so I will enjoy the classes. I think I can make some friends in the class. That's another pleasure for me :-)

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

New rabbits :-)

Since my new 2 rabbits became my family I'm busy everyday. They keep me busy. They are so active and so adorable. Both are male, one's name is SOU and the other is BOO. SOU was named after Japanese kanji charactor which means "buster" because he is very active and brings me problems, BOO was named after American ghoust because his appearance is looks like it.

When they added my family, SOU seemed very active and wants to take advantage, BOO seemed being afraid of everything. But it turned out my idea was wrong. SOU is active, but he likes to have company with me and my husband, he looks like always feeling lonely. I'm sure BOO is full of fear, but his personarity is fierce. SOU was bitten his one of the lips by BOO as he got 4 stiches on it and my husband was bitten his finger as the nail was broken by BOO.

They are getting used to be with me little by little. The first Boo was running away from everything, but lately he became to come to me when I check his cage. I think he just wants to get out of the cage though. But it's improvement I think.

Being young is wonderful. I believe animals is really same as human. Human being is a kind of animal though...
My new rabbits are pretty young, they prefer to play and run, jump, have their interests in anything more than eating. I think human's baby or kids are also like this. My old rabbit's charactor are mild, calming down, don't move so much. I got used to be with my old rabbits so it was hard to keep up with the new rabbits, but I'm getting used to be with the new rabbits lately. I'm surprising at the new rabbits action everyday. They are so fresh and give me some new ideas. I think this is also the same as human's baby...

They got nueter surgery on the last Monday. We dicided to get them it because they get theirselves into fighting and spraying pee was so much. BOO is ok now, but SOU. SOU wasn't stiched his wound because according to the veterinarian his wound was so small, but the wound was opened yesterday. I had to take him to the vet today. BOO is matured more than SOU so he was stiched because his wound was big.

Anyway they are making me happy and at the same time bringing me problems. It's kind of pleasure for me because I love to be with them, love to take care of them. I want to make them happy.