Saturday, August 27, 2005

Japanese who wants to learn English...

I met a Japanese lady who wants to learn English in the last English conversation club. She is new to live in this country since 3 months ago.

I think this conversation club is really good place to plactice English, but she said it's waste of the time to join the club.

It's because she wants to learn English from American, but many people who come to this club is not American. I somehow understand what she means. English which is spoken by American is really clear pronounciation, easier to understand than other English which is spoken by foreign people. And hopefully I'm wishing I could get such a good pronounciation on my English too.

But..., to live in this country, I have to understand what people say. More than 50 % of resident in this country is immigrant. So many people speak their own English, like I speak Japanese English. I think only American English is not English....

I hope she would come back though.