Thursday, August 25, 2005

Listening skill

I visited my friend's house yesterday. 3 people got together for lunch. It's good speaking and listening practice of English for me.

One problem is... if they were native English speaker, I didn't have this problem I think. The 2 people were from South America (Hispanic). It's hard to understand their English! Like... when she said "candle" I heard it as "condo". The friend is a white woman (American), her English is easier to understand. Her speaking is so fast, so it makes another problem to me though.

But the American seems to be understanding the Hispanic English. So, it's just my listening skill is low.

To me, Indian English is difficult to understand either. Probabry, my English must be difficult to understand for them.
The American's daughter taught me how to play chess yesterday :-) I didn't know how to do at all. It was kind of amazing. Depends on the chessmen, they move differently. Difficult game!

I played with a computer game after I came back to my home, I have lost many games easily..., but it's interesting.