Sunday, August 21, 2005

New ESL class from this fall.

I went to register the ESL class that will be started from Sep. 26. The class is held by public school. I can choose a place and time zone (am10:00-noon or pm7:00-9:00) depends on the level (Loteracy; beginning; Intermediate; Advanced). Some schools and libraries are opened for the classes. The tuition fee is $75, registration fee was $15.

There was a level check (I guess that was a level check test) and it was very easy for me. They showed me some pictures and asked me some questions it was like, "What is this child doing?", "This man wants to buy two apples, but he doesn't know how much they are. What does he has to do?", "When you had an emergency what will you do?"...etc. And then... I got "advanced".

I was kind of dissapointed because what my level is advanced means the class level itself is not high :-( I guess it might be higher than free ESL class which I took before.

Anyway I already paid the fee so I will enjoy the classes. I think I can make some friends in the class. That's another pleasure for me :-)