Wednesday, August 17, 2005

New rabbits :-)

Since my new 2 rabbits became my family I'm busy everyday. They keep me busy. They are so active and so adorable. Both are male, one's name is SOU and the other is BOO. SOU was named after Japanese kanji charactor which means "buster" because he is very active and brings me problems, BOO was named after American ghoust because his appearance is looks like it.

When they added my family, SOU seemed very active and wants to take advantage, BOO seemed being afraid of everything. But it turned out my idea was wrong. SOU is active, but he likes to have company with me and my husband, he looks like always feeling lonely. I'm sure BOO is full of fear, but his personarity is fierce. SOU was bitten his one of the lips by BOO as he got 4 stiches on it and my husband was bitten his finger as the nail was broken by BOO.

They are getting used to be with me little by little. The first Boo was running away from everything, but lately he became to come to me when I check his cage. I think he just wants to get out of the cage though. But it's improvement I think.

Being young is wonderful. I believe animals is really same as human. Human being is a kind of animal though...
My new rabbits are pretty young, they prefer to play and run, jump, have their interests in anything more than eating. I think human's baby or kids are also like this. My old rabbit's charactor are mild, calming down, don't move so much. I got used to be with my old rabbits so it was hard to keep up with the new rabbits, but I'm getting used to be with the new rabbits lately. I'm surprising at the new rabbits action everyday. They are so fresh and give me some new ideas. I think this is also the same as human's baby...

They got nueter surgery on the last Monday. We dicided to get them it because they get theirselves into fighting and spraying pee was so much. BOO is ok now, but SOU. SOU wasn't stiched his wound because according to the veterinarian his wound was so small, but the wound was opened yesterday. I had to take him to the vet today. BOO is matured more than SOU so he was stiched because his wound was big.

Anyway they are making me happy and at the same time bringing me problems. It's kind of pleasure for me because I love to be with them, love to take care of them. I want to make them happy.