Saturday, August 27, 2005

Nobody likes my cooking.

I don't like to attend Potluck. Because nobody likes my cooking. Most of people bring a cake. It's too sweet for me. It's kind of impossible to bake cake for me because I don't have a oven or something to bake cake. (Actually, I have a oven, but my husband doesn't allow me to use it.) Besides, I cannot cook meat inside of the house. It's because my husband is a vegetarian and doesn't like to see or smell grease. So when I burn something, I have to go outside to do it. I think it's ludicrous, but this is my fact.

I usually bring something vegetable cooking to Potluck. But I think it's not easy to eat like a piece of cake.

I said to my husband today, "Nobody likes my cooking, but you."

But. He said, "Oh, I'm just being nice to you."

What does this mean?! He also dislike my cooking. I was doing my best to serve him. I believe I can do better if I could be in normal situation to cook!

I decided to make the same vegetable cooking the next week. I will see what he would say.
I'm tired to cook for him :-(