Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Potluck that I had yesterday.

I had potluck at my English conversation club yesterday. This time, all of people brought tasty cooking except for deserts. I had a good time at there. The foods were so delicious, and I felt I'm very happy when I have many foods to eat.

I kept eating for 4 hours chatting. (2 hours English conversation club, 2 hours Spanish conversation club. I have some communication with Spanish conversation club people too)
Around the end of the time of the club, one Chinese lady came up to me and said, "I somehow like you. You keep eating for long time but you are so thin!" I don't understand what she meant actually. I could speak English a lot yesterday. Good for me.

In the Spanish club, there is one German lady. I recognize her but haven't talked with her until yesterday.

She moved in the USA more than 10 years ago and told me how she have been feeling during the time and had tough time to live here. It's because we are leaning new language to each of us, she learn Spanish and I learn English. So I think she felt somthing common between us. Besides before she started to learn Spanish she also had tough time to learn English.

She married to an American man, then moved in this country. She didn't speak enough English to live here at that time, so she said to me "It's ok for dairy life like when I go out with my friends, go shopping. But I had really, really tough time when I argured with my husband. His mother language is English so he can tell me anything he wants to tell including bad words. But I couldn't do that. Especially most of time when I am upset, English words didn't come up in my brain. Every time we argued with my husband it was really frastrated to me, it was stressfull very much more than my husband felt for sure. I took for up to 5 years to tell my husband anything I want to."

I totally agree with her. It's the same to me. I was repeating "Exactly" many times, and when I noticed I was weeping. She said "Now it might be most hardest time for you, but it will be better little by little." I was cheered by her, and felt free a little bit.

But I don't know if I could be persistent for another up to 4 years :-(