Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Birthday party

Today was my friend's birthday party at the library. So, it was potluck. I don't like to bring my food because it's not good :-( Besides, the food for potluck and the one for dinner at my home is different. I need to think something good for potluck. I asked my friends to get some idea of potluck menue, and they gave me some.

Today, it was many kinds of small rice balls. It seemed go well. I just had a little of left over of my food when I left the library. Next time will be "Imomochi" that is made from potato and cheese, next time will be Japanese tempura, then "Kushi-Katsu" (
pieces of pork fried on a skewer) ... I'm glad to not think about menue of potluck for a while.

We kept very quiet for my friend's birthday, I guess she was feeling something sad. We collected some money from friends, and got a gift certificate for her. She was very surprised at the party. It was very good :-)

The picture is a quilt I made for my best friend who lives in Hokkaido, Japan. I just sent it to her yesterday.