Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Cold !!!

It got really cold since the last night all of the sudden. I was in fall weather yesterday, but I was surprised to hear MD which is the next state of VA had 12 inches snow yesterday! Today it's like winter already, it's hard to believe! I need to get my plants inside of my house in today before night.

My computer (my husband's computer) have been under the strange condition, always something doesn't work. Now, CD doesn't work, it read data on CD, but doesn't write any data. I can't make backup of my data! (>_<) Last night, my husband's drive died and he was going to be nuts. I am trying to make backup of some of my important files before my drive would be died, but... it's hard work... I'm going to make the backup on my web server.

The picture shows my latest work, applique quilt, the title is "Arabian coffee".