Monday, October 31, 2005


Today is Halloween. I am expecting no child come to visit to my house for "Trick or Treat" because the house really looks like a hauted house. Especially at night :-( I didn't see any child last year too. It's kind of sad.

Yesterday, my husband and I went to visit my husband friend's house. It was very beautiful day, no cloud. Lately we have many rainy days as the last week was all rain straght. They came from India, have 2 babies, live in the USA for a long time. They took us to Halloween festival that is held at a big mall. The mall was filled up by tons of people, it was very packed. Each shops waited for kids with candies and snacks for "Trick or Treat". I got many candies and snacks in a plastic bag with kids. It was fun.
Most of girls were costuming as a princess, it was very fun to see them. Cute! Pretty! Lovely! I also saw many spidermans, pumpkins (for baby costume), witches... etc. I thought this tradition is very fun for children because they can be something that they wanted to be by costuming. If I had the custom in Japan when I was a child, I could be a princess too!
I should bring my camera, but have forgotten it :-( It was too bad.

Every time when I visit to the Indian friend, I ask them to take me to the Indian food shop. I have a small one around my place, but it's really small and not many Indian foods, spices are on the shelf. I spent $41 at there for Indian spices and dried beans. It might be too much a little bit..., but I seldom have a opportunity to go there, so... it's ok. I enjoy many kinds of beans lately. Indian food shops have them, but American or Asian shops.

I was happy yesterday :-)