Monday, October 31, 2005

My rabbit "charlie"

He is 9 years old. It's pretty old as a rabbit. He is really tough guy. He has some health problems, but still survives in a good health condition. I need to take him to the veterinary every month for check up, and he needs to get cut his teeth back every 2 month.

Rabbit's teeth keep to grow. Normaly their teeth are abraided by eating hay, but sometimes rabbits that have bad row of teeth can't abraide so they just grow. This problem causes some other problems :-( The grown teeth injure in the mouth, get infection from it, they can't chew correctly. They have to get cut the teeth back in certain period. The other problem is anaesthesia. There is a possiblity that my rabbit might be killed by anaesthesia because he is quite old... , but have to get teeth cut until his life will be finished.

This time, he got 5 lumps on his side. I recognized 3 of them since before, the vet said it's no problem for now. So they were left for a long time. But I found 2 more new lumps, so they were removed at the same time when he got cut his teeth. After the surgery, the veterinarian gave me a big collar to prevent from scratching, licking the wounds, pulling out the stitches by him, but the collar is too big for him. He couldn't even walk with it, he went to crazy as well. So I made a suit for him instead of the collar. I think the suit is much better than the collar. Does he look good???