Thursday, December 29, 2005

This year is going to be over...

It's too fast to pass the time of the year. Was this year good for you?

One and half years passed since I moved in the USA, everything is better compared to a year ago. I'm sure I got used to live here a lot. I still have an English problem, but I can come back to my home even if I got lost.

I'm thinking to open my small internet shop :-) I have found a nice web site which creaters can sell their works with cheap fee. I have looked into it, it seems very nice. I don't think I can make a lot of money, but if someone liked my work even the someone pay for it, I will be very happy. And I can get materials for next work with that money.

I made 2 kinds of coasters (set of 4) today, I'm going to put them on the web site.
The web site design is very pretty, I love to look for someone's work on it too.

Have a happy new year! Make a great year each other.