Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year!

How was your New year's day?
My New year's day was so great. I went to a new year's party with my husband. Many Japanese who live around my area got together. The owner of the party loves Japan, loves to cook. She made interesting Mochi (rice cake) which was covered with cocoa. I would never have that idea, Mochi with cocoa. It was delicious! I also had Ozoni (special traditional soup for new year) which was cooked by her. It was also very delicious, as many people asked her second, even third.
I talked a lot, laughed a lot, of course ate a lot! To have a lot of foods to eat make me very happy. Ha-ha-ha.
I brought my flower arrangement for her as a gift (the picture). I wanted to discrie American holidays and Japanese new year in it. Do you think I could do?