Monday, January 09, 2006

My birthday

My husband's birthday and my birthday is the same date, January 7th. I was surprised at when I knew it.
This birthday, we went to bar to drink. I don't see many bar around my area, just 2 restaurant. We went to Spanish restaurant which we went for our first time, and we haven't been there since the first time.
It was not good as much as our first time, but it was ok. Both of us felt, they might cut alcohol that they shouldn't do, because we could not be toxicated. The food was... greasy as usual, (most of food is greasy in this country :-( ), but we enjoyed the mood and the weak alcohol drink, and paid more than $50. (>_<)

I made a small bag which can use as a pen case, or glass case, or cell phone case. It's possible to hang down from a big bag as shown in the picture. What do you think?