Monday, January 09, 2006

Package from my friend, in Japan

I received a small package from my friend who lives in Japan. I was surprised at the package because it was unexpected one. It was sent by parcel, took 2 months to get here from Japan.

It was from one of my best friend, the package was heavy because it even has a bag of rice. The rice is a good Japanese brand, my friend used to serve me this rice when I visited her when I was in Japan. It reminded me of my friend house, and her food.
And many of Japanese snack, cracker, instant noodle, my favorite Japanese tea which was made by my favorite maker. I was very impressed, and weeped holding the bag of rice. I thought I want to go to see my friend.

She is 43 years old, going to have the first baby in this year. I can't stop to pray for her the baby will come out without any problem. I will make a quilt for her baby when she let me know if the baby is a boy or a girl.