Wednesday, February 01, 2006

So happy :-)

Last night, I could sell my small quilt and crochet small bag on the internet. There is a web site for people selling handmade things. I am a member of the Handmade shop since middle of this January.
People's eyes are so strict. Many kinds of quilt are sold for more than $50, depends on the size, but most of them seems have not been bought. I know how hard to make a quilt, and I need to buy fabrics, so the price that sellers set is really pertinence, but buyers seem to think it's expensive.
I set the price $25 first for my small quilt (the cat one), more than 15o people looked it. Nobody bought it. I made this quilt from scrap, and was not so difficult to make. I priced down to $20 after a while. Then last night, someone purchased my quilt.
The green small crochet felted bag was made easily also, and this was my first work to make a felted bag. It was like a test for my interest, and I had a lot of fun. I used wool yarn, and bought one set of small fastener for this bag. I set the price $5. This is just for materials. This bag was sold within 1 hour after I listed. It was very quickly!

I also sold Japanese incense that I brought from Japan when I moved in the USA. I love incense, but not my husband. The first sales was the incense (2 of them). I was very glad, but I had mixed feelings because it's not my handmade. But this time, the quilt and the bag were my handmade! I'm so glad to find someone who liked my work even she had to pay for it.