Thursday, March 30, 2006

Today's lunch!

Today's lunch was Tomato Basil Spaghetti cooked by me!
I love basil !
I'm so sad about I still can't find tasty Itarian restaurant in my area.
One Italian restaurant I know is "Olive Garden", but their food is so greasy and ... salty for me :-( This restaurant seems popular though.

Anyway, now it's basil season! I went to grocery store and something very attractive odor led me to the harb corner. Oh, Basil!! I grabed the bunch of basil and brought it to my home, started to cook.

My Tomato basil spaghetti sause is so simple.
1. Slice some garlic, burn it with some olive oil in a pot.
2. Cut some tomato as cubic, put them in the pot which you were burning garlic.
3. Add some olive oil in it, and boil it a while.
4. While boiling the tomato, cut one pack of mashroom as you desired. I like to cut just in half or in quater.
5. Add the mashroom in the pot, and seasoning it with salt as you desired.
6. After a boil a while, add all of basil leaves!
7. Wait a while boiling, then boil spaghetti, and just toss in the sause!

I like a little bit spicy, so I usually add red paper in the sause.
It's so tasty!

I think basil leaves are better to be chopped to enjoy the fragrance, but I also like to eat them like spinach.