Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Get-well Quilt

My friend's mother got a breast cancer. My friend is like my mother and my older sister.... I love her. She is respectable person.

I have met her mother when she visited my friend from Florida. Her mother is so frank, loves animals and working for her vegetable garden. I was given some tomatoes by her when she was in Virginia, they were sweet as I can believe that tomatoes were made as a fruit.

After her mother came back to Florida, she went to see a doctor, and found the breast cancer. She needed to get surgery immidiately. My friend went to Florida to take care of her, have been staying more than 3 weeks.

I can do nothing for her, but praying, and thought I can make a quilt. I made this quilt imaging her mother is working for her vegetable garden. I wanted send this quilt during my friend is in Florida, so I really worked so hard! ha-ha.

The last Saturday, my friend called me from Florida to let me know she got the quilt. Also her mother talked me on the phone in spite of she has pnermonia... I felt so bad...
I don't believe God as I don't have any religion, but I prayed for her at this time wishing she will get better very soon.