Sunday, October 15, 2006

Lap Rabbit

This is one of my rabbit "SOU". I have 5 rabbits, 3 are my (my husband) own, and other 2 are rescued. One of 2 rescued rabbit was left in front of a vet, and other one was found in a field. My husband was asked by one rabbit organization to take care of them temporaly. I guess temporaly could be forever. They are so.... active as I can understand why the last owner gave up to take care of them :-( They are becoming part of my family though.

When SOU came to my home an year and 4 months ago, he was very agressive and trying to be in charge among other rabbits. His personarily was changed since he got neuterd.

Most of male rabbits are so agressive as they fight with other male terribly as it's hard to believe that this cute animal make such a terrible fight. And they spray pee to show other rabbits "This is my property! Here is my territory!", yes..., for marking.

I love to let them run in the family room and play with them. They use litter box to eliminate like a cat does. I always want to touch and to hold, to kiss, to pet them. But unfortunately most of rabbits don't like to get done. Especially they hate to get hold. It's probabry because rabbits are located in the bottom of food chain. To be held means to be eaten to them.

SOU is turning to be a " lap rabbit" which the one always want to be held, want to be touched. When I pet his head, he closes his eyes, doesn't move and push his head toward me to get pet more. He looks so comfortable. And when I hold him, he even licks me. So adorable! He bit my quilt though(>_<)!!

(-->) This is the oldest rabbit "Simone". She loves to get pet, but hate to get hold :-(

I really wish other 3 rabbits could become like SOU. Other 3 always try to run away from me when they thought I am trying to catch them :-(

I have 2 cats in Japan. My mother takes care of them. I thought I am a cat person, but rabbits are also enough adorable to live together. I have to be more carefully to take care of them though..., and there is not a good doctor for rabbits around here (probabry anywhere). This is very serious problem for rabit owners.