Thursday, October 26, 2006

This morning (>_<)

This morning, I noticed I could not connect to the Internet when I was checking my e-mail. I thought it must be from browser problem first, but it clicked right away. The first thing I do every morning is to open the door of the rabbit cage. I have the keeping of 2 rabbits. One goes to everywhere, nothing can stop him! and other one bite anything! I call them "DESTROYERS". The picture shows the telephone code that was bitten by him (His name is Jeb), and other picture shows the 2 rabbits. The front one is Jeb, the back one is Susie. She is a large size of rabbit.
I fixed the telephone code for temporaly. I was wondering if it works or not, but I can buy new one if it didn't work. Anyway, it's working as I am using Internet now. I have to ask my husband to fix it perfectly. He would mad at me :-(

This quilt is "Monster quilt"(44"-62"). The monsters are my original. I listed it up on my Esty shop and then my friend found it, and bought it! I was surprised and appreciate at the same time.
A while later, I received one message from someone who liked the monster quilt. The message suggested me to make a twin size quilt with this design. Although, I can not make the same one because I don't have the same fabric, but I can make similar one. I hope someone again like the twin size quilt which I started to make.

Oh, I make quilts in my sewing room that my rabbits can never come. I mention this just in case.