Wednesday, November 15, 2006

New Rabbits.

I got 2 more new rabbits the last Saturday. I take care of 7 rabbits totally now.
The last Thursday, the rabbit organization telephoned my husband and asked him to take care of 2 small rabbits. They were thrown away being put in a box, and then..., a car hit the box. One of them got injured the back-bone and can't move the back legs anymore. How people can do this? Why people can't think what will happen next to this small animals after they threw away? What if people was thrown away like they did? There shouldn't be any enough reason to throw them away. It's unbelievable.

I heard, when the injured rabbit -- her name is RingRing -- was brought to a vet, most of people expected to put her euthanasia. However, her encourage for alive stopped people to think about it. She moves fast by using only front legs, come to get food by herself, she does everything by herself to alive except for elimination.

My days became very busy more since these 2 rabbits came, and I have to give up to join one of the English class. I can't leave my home many hours as well.

Animal teach me many things. They give me unconditional love, and I give them it also. This is very comfortable.