Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Year 2007

The New Year is coming! I miss Japanese celebration of New Year. I think Christmas is most important celebration in the USA, but New year celebration is most biggest celebration in Japan. It's like Thanksgiving + Christmas. We don't exchange gifts though, children get very special allowance called "Otoshidama" from adult relatives or adult friends.

My husband and I will go shopping for New Year items tomorrow, and celebrate for the new year. We will be a drunk at home (ha-ha), and dancing, chatting, and greet each other for continues happy life for 2007.

I do this greeting to my mother every year even on the phone. I make a call to my mother around 11:45pm on 31st (new year eve) and greet her when we meet the new year.
A years ago when I lived separated from her in Japan, there was one time she didn't pick up the phone from me. This is traditional for us, I thought she might be sick and couldn't pick up the phone. She should know I make a call on the time. I worried about her very much, and picked up a taxi, then visited her house in midnight. Then... she was just sleeping forgetting the traditional greeting between us :-0

Anyway, tomorrow's night will be very fun for us!
Happy new year to you all!