Monday, January 29, 2007

A Quilt for my friend.

I received some pictures from my friend about 10 days ago.
She born a boy! I heard from her she got pregnant, and it will be a boy, but I didn't know exactly when the boy was going to come out. I wrote her a Christmas card that said "I think your baby should come out any time now..."

The pictures she sent me were of the baby! I was very happy about she sent me those pictures in spite of she is very busy to take care of the boy. So I made a crib quilt for her boy. She also likes to make quilts, I hope she will like it.

When I lined up all of the fabrics, I thought the color combination might be strange..., but I wanted to go all vehicle patterned fabrics for this quilt, and I tried.
After quilting, I thought "Oh, not that strange." Quilts are wondering. I quilted the letters "Be happy ****** (her boy's name)" on the outer frame. This was fun to do :-)