Thursday, March 22, 2007

I can't speak (>_<)!!

Lately I am nervous about my English pronounciations. I knew my pronounciation is bad, but I didn't know what is wrong. I have been feeling English native speakers tongue, lips, teeth and throat works so busy. They must kiss each other very well.

Since my friend gave me some advices and corrections (Thanks!) about my "L" sound, I found my tongue is kept middle of the mouse most of the time to make Japanese sound. I thought Japanese L sound is the same as English L sound, but it rather close to R sound (It between L and R actually). So I really have to move my tongue back and forth to speak English. It slows me speaking down a lot, and something might be strange as well.

I read a book for children in voice to be checked by my tutor every week. I was doing that yesterday..., and it was hard for me to pay attention both of to follow English sentences and pronounciation. "L"!! and "S", "V".

It is like a nightmare when I speak a word "R" and "L" in it, like "really", "probably", "relative"... and so on. After I moved my tongue back of the mouth to make R sound, my tongue doesn't reach to back of my front teeth to make L sound before my mouth reach to pronounce L!! My tongue is dancing in my mouth and saying to me, "Unfortunately, I couldn't make it. Sorry." Wooo....

Anyway keep practice, I guess...