Monday, April 23, 2007

I am in Japan now.

I could come back to Japan without problems on the last Saturday. It was a long flight, but I relieved everything went smoothly this time, except for the beginning.
When I arrived at my mother's house, she was taking a bath, and naked. ha-ha. I was expecting to see her got older a little, but she wasn't changed at all. The house looked so small since I got used to be in the environment of "everything is bigger!" in the USA.

My mother is bent upon Korean drama now. Korean drama is very popular in Japan since more than 3 years. She put 2 big posters of Korean star on the wall, has many DVDs of the dramas, subscribed a magazine of Korean stars. I feel like the small family room will be occupied by the DVDs very soon. I don't understand what is so attractive though. Anyway, what ever makes her happy is fine :-) The picture shows her list of the dramas that she watches for a week.

What I was impressed after I saw my mother is to take a bath! It's absolutely very nice to take a bath after 3 years! To soak in hot water in a deep bathtub is just happiness!

My cats seemed to forgot me as I expected, they ran away from me once they saw me. I left them for a while, and tried to touch them next day. They looked like "I think I don't know you, but I feel like I know you.". The next day they seemed to remember me. They started to come around me to get pet. One of my cat's personality is really the dog's one. (She is on my lap now, and bothering me to type a little) She was with me all the time making noise from her throat. Her name is Mo, my handmade shop's name "momonmo" came from her name. I am glad that she remembered me quickly.

And what I was surprised next morning after I arrived was a toast! My mother said to me, "put blueberry jam on the toast, and then spread black sesame powder over it". I haven't have that idea of the combination for toast, but she said "it's delicious!". After all, it wasn't that bad.