Thursday, April 26, 2007

The way to my home from the most convenient station.

Here is the most convenient station from my home.Trains come very often as every 10
minutes in daytime, and it comes every 5 minutes in rush hours. I used to take this train line when I used to go to the middle school, and to go to college. At that time, trains used to came every 15 minutes. It's getting convenient more and more.

After I left the station, I see one bridge very soon. You can see mountains around you closely in Kyoto-city. The view have been lost little by little because of many new buildings. When I was a child, I could see mountains all 360 degrees around me. But the buildings block the view off today.

Many houses built so close each houses along the river. It's hard for American to believe the buildings are so close each other, isn't it? Most of cities excrude rural area are like this in Japan. We have to be very careful to not make noise to not bother neighbors, like don't talk loudly, don't take a shower or a bath after 12am.

After the river, pass through this small shopping area (<--),

(-->) and go into residential area. Again, houses, houses, houses.

(<--) This is a small park for children. I used to play with my friends, or with my brother here when I was a little child. I can't forget that I slipped on the slide when I was trying to walk on the slide (I know I was stupid), and hit my lips, and cut it, bled a lot :-(

(-->) I remember my friend fell off from one of the swing, and the swing was swinging. The swing hit my friend's head. She ran into her home in rush crying so hard. You know, a park for children is actually dangerous place. ha-ha-ha.

(<--) This is a street in front of my mother's house. I could see mountains all the way back of the street 5 years ago, but anymore because of the big apartment. The residents of this area struggled for stopping to build the big apartment, but couldn't stop it. We guess the top person was given some money from the builder :-(

(-->) This is my mother's house. I lived here for 35 years except for the time of I was with my ex-husband, that was for 6 years. The house is getting old, it knows about me since I was born.

(<--) My mother's small garden. She loves plants. I think most of women prefer flowers or a plants which bloom a flower. But my mother prefer plants which don't have a flower. She says she feels sad when a flower fall off.

I hope you enjoyed to see the area where I live!