Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I am back from Japan :-)

I just got back from Japan! It was a looooong flight as usual. What I hate is this long flight by myself. I have nothing to do on the airplane everytime. I might able to read a book, or knitting or clocheting though, I don't want to bother people around me by lighting after the room gets dark. The dark room means "sleeping time has come!" after a meal. It take 24 hours after I leave my home in the USA until I arrive my home in Japan. I have not experienced jet lag yet, because always leaving time here is morning and arriving time in Japan is evening. I am anyway tired after the flight so go to bed soon after arriving, and the time is always night there. It just like I had a looong day time on the day.

It was very special time for me to spend with my friends in Japan after 3 years, and felt their love for me a lot! Especially! My nephews drove me nuts! The younger one is just look like my brother, and he does the same thing what my brother did when he was a kid. I didn't recoganized how sweet they are, because I haven't seen them so often, especially yonger one was born a year later after I left Japan for the USA. I appreciate my sister-in-law for giving me this great pleasure of my life. I am very sure they are most adorable creature for me in this world. My sisnter-in-law gave me a card with their photo and their voice recorded on it. I have already listened their short message "Thank you for playing with us! See you again!" so many times again and again though..., my sister told me that I can play the message only 100 times (>_<)!

The packages I shippied from Japan via parcel little by little are arriving here. I shippied about 10 packages, 4 of them are already here. What I was surprised was how much fabrics I bought! Although I brouht some of them with me by my flight (my baggage amount was just a little bit under than maximum. ha-ha-ha.), I don't remember what I bought... I hope I would use them up in near future... I am very sure I spent lots and lots of money in Japan.

I am adjusting myself to live in the USA again. I am surising at myself that I couldn't remember the pin number of my debit card for a while since I didn't use it in Japan. And I am a little bit afraid of driving even around my area since I didn't drive a car in Japan at all, people pass right side in this country, but left side in Japan. I got confused when I was taking my husband to the station for his job.

My 7 of rabbits remembered me. I was expecting they have forgot me, but once I called their names and fed them, they came close to me :-) I don't have human children, but they are my kids... for now... hopefully.