Thursday, August 16, 2007

"Letter from Iwo jima"

I saw a movie "Letter from Iwo jima" with my husband last midnight. I thought my man (Clint Eastwood, ha-ha-ha) is appeared on the movie though, he is the director of the movie, not appeared as an actor.
I would say I was impressed about a person who is not Japanese made this movie, but that was all. Especially the English subtitles were so poor as it just explained what's going on, it would be very difficult for people who is not Japanese to understand or to feel Japanese culture. "Oh, Japanese crazy, disgusting!" movie, again. Anyway it's very, very difficult to understand other country's culture though.

I think I like to see movies drawn about wars, it doesn't mean I like violent scenes. I like to see history in some view point. I hate violent as I always push my face into my husband fat berry when I expected that kind of scenes would come, try to not see. I feel like my legs bone below knees are itchy and like the bones are upset when I meet those scenes.
My husband is very intelligent who makes me think he knows everything, so he often explains me in easy English what was background, what other countries movement at that time, what was believed among people, and so on. Unfortunately, I can't remember those exactly, but I anyway learn something.

The other day, my husband suggested me to see one movie about whale hunt in old time. That was on TV, so I started to see the movie, but it was boring for me, and too long. My husband told me that I can learn history of USA (as New England). I think that is true, but as foreigners feel for Japanese movies, I think I don't get deep feeling for it. Also it's always difficult for me to understand spoken English from TV or movies, whatever speaks English.

My husband often says, "Come one, get relaxed, watch movie.", but I cannot be relaxed watching English movies, my brain has to work so hard to understand what's going on.
The language of "Letter from Iwo jima" was Japanese, so I didn't have a language problem though, it's strange that I was reading English subtitles to understand the story with my husband.