Sunday, October 14, 2007


I joined my quilt group bee after a long time. To see my friends there makes me very happy, even though it's sometimes hard for me to follow what they are talking about. They are so kind to me always, let me catch up with the conversations.

It was funny to know about the glue!
We were watching old group photo of elementary school students. One of my friend said "She is the glue." pointing one girl. I know what is glue, but didn't understand what she meant by "glue", other friends understood immediately what that mean. The first, I thought the girl could be a organizer who worked hard to bond the class, but it was totally different meaning! I have heard the glue is kind of tasty before. I don't want to try though.

One of my friend is moving to Ohio. I will miss her very much. She donated some Polka dot! fabrics and fabrics that is good for a baby quilt to me, and I was given really special thing!

It is sitting on my couch! :-) Pretty Japanese bunnies! It makes me smile every time I see it! Thank you so much!

The gift that one friend gave to the friend who moves Ohio was soooooo beautiful and special either! They are all artists!

One more thing that I was surprised.
I didn't know designers fabric is very common to be used.
We LOVE fabric! Fabric is very important things for us in the life. One friend asked other friend "Is this Marcus Brothers?" when she was showing her favorite fabric. That means Marcus Brothers is a known fabric designer.

I got some designers fabrics on e-bay lately, so I could know what is "Marcus Brothers" though, I was thinking not many quilters would use designers fabrics because it's expensive, and I don't see many designers fabric in a shop around here. (Probably there would be some fabric stores that carry designers fabric around here, and I think I just don't know it. My world is very small.)

The Marcus Brothers fabric I purchased is this :)

Polka dot! Once this caught my eyes, I couldn't forget to buy. Magical fabric!!

And Michael Miller. Another magical fabrics!! Of course Polka dot!!

Robert Kaufman!
Designers fabrics are so pretty, and the cotton quality is good. That's why they are expensive...

And frogs in a bottle.
I fell in love with this fabric at the first met, but I am not sure what I will use this fabric for...

Anyway, magical, magical, magical!!