Sunday, October 07, 2007

House Painting

My husband and I have been working on house painting since the last fall.
I finished half lower part of all around of the house (sides, front, back) including garage last fall, and my husband started to paint upper part of the house this year, and I was painting shutters.

Finally! The front of the house was done! I have been wondering for years why my husband's job is sooooooooooo slow to move ahead. Our house needs a lot of treatment since it's so old. We paint it by hands, not by spray.

The shutters color was white, and it looked darken color because of tiny moss :-( How odd looking the house was. The new color looks better!

Beautiful paint, isn't it!? I had to paint each of shutters 4-5 times fighting mosquitoes. Thin paint makes beautiful surface with a lot of work.

Fall has arrived here this year too! It means I have to work harder and harder to rake old leaves. It's tough job!