Monday, October 29, 2007

Monsters quilt 2007 -- half way

I have been working on 2007 version of the monsters quilt.
2007 is almost over, should I say it's for 2008??

Since this monsters caught people's eyes, I thought I would make many items in their design, but it is tooo boring for me to make the same thing again and again. How stupid I am, I already purchased too enough materials for the monsters project on the Black Friday last year, so I need to finish the materials at least. So, I decided to make one monsters quilt every year adding new members. All of monsters are my original. To design new monsters are fun, anyway :-D

Here is the monsters for this year!

I have just done applique part. I have to add borders and frame on them, and quilt it! Fabrics used for this quilt is flannel. Batting is cotton, twin size. I believe this quilt is really warm you up though, can you imagine how hard to quilt this heavy quilt???? I prefer not think of it :-( Especially flannel is easy to be stretched, and it is very hard to move the quilt sandwich around on my sewing machine for free motion without get it wrinkled. Woo, too much fun! ha-ha-ha :-D

I strongly hope this quilt will find a new home!

The new monsters for this year is, Boan and Jeb.
They are actually...., my bunnies. I took real name of my rabbit "Jeb", and Boan is my rabbit Sujie.

This is Jeb being turned over by my husband on his lap.

Jeb, taking nap in the cage. There is Sujie behind of him. He is Florida white, looks so fat. He enjoys to dance and jump with that fat body. Always mad at something making "boo, boo" sound, and often attacks me. I sometimes fight with him, and I get injured :-( as expected. He loves oats, OATS IS HIS EVERYTHING.

Sujie from front.

Sujie is New Zealand which is often used for testing, since their personality is calm. But her personality is NOT!! She is a queen of destroyers, she destroy ANYTHING, especially her favorite is to bite cords and carpet. My husband often has to fix their cage, telephone cords, TV cords, electric blanket, any cords! oh unbelievable. But she is a scary rabbit, she is afraid of human probably it's from her history with humans.

Anyway. The 2 of new monsters were born when Sujie and Jeb were running in the free space.