Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I seldom see a snake in my yard, but today. I am not really like repitile, but we all are creature on the earth.

My husband told me this snake is called as "farmer's friend". It doesn't do something wrong, but bring something good for us, it is not poisoned.

I talked with my husband about this small snake for a while, and got in home, ... and forgot about the snake.
In this early evening, I found the snake died in front of my mail box when I went to check mails. It was crushed by something, my husband and I are guessing that probably it was stepped on by a post office car, because the snake was really at the edge of the road. I dug a hole in my yard for his/her grave, and varied it... so he/she can return the soil.

It makes me really sad, we never know what will be happen even a minute later.
The snake might be a friend of a farmer, but not a friend of a mail man.