Saturday, October 27, 2007


I purchased one summer dress for my friend's child. Actually..., her birthday is end of May, so I think this item is a good gift for her. Although I know it is tooooo early to think of it, but when I saw this dress, all I thought was "Nice gift for her!", soooo I purchased!
Here is the description and pictures of the item.
Flowers on the ocean waves Summer dress

I received the item today from Japan! It was the best deal I ever had. I am so impressed the way of her business, and I thought I should re-think of my way of the business.

The package I received is this way!

The package was carefully covered with bubble wrap, and it is gift looking! I received small extra treasure as well. I believe this extra gift would makes people who loves "Japanese Kawaii Zakka" crazy!

And the Japanese stamps are pretty even!
This is my first time to advertise someones shop, it means I am really deeply impressed!

Here is her shop! The prices are very reasonable, and shipping seems actual cost which is well calculated.

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