Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dyed fabrics.

Here is the dyed fabrics which I was working on. I think I like the result :) I hope I will like the quilt I am going to make. I never know if I like it or not until it is done.

Yesterday, I went to our (my husband and I) favorite Thai restaurant after a long time. It was for celebration of our birthday, and their food was good as usual :-D
Siam Classic Thai Restaurant
I have tried some other Thai restaurants, and here is the Best!
I love Indian foods, Thai foods, but I am not really love spicy food. I had Thai wine last night, and it was new taste to me! Wasn't bad at all, it was good! I love Thai. I have visited there twice. The weather is always hot there, so I haven't tried wine there. Always beer! Beer is the best when it is hot.

After the restaurant, we went to wine shop to get wine and beer (enjoying alcohol a lot! ha-ha-ha). To enjoy alcohol occupies half of my life enjoyment. My mother and my brother cannot drink alcohol as they have hives, or throw out with a small amount of beer. I got my father's gene. I used to be looked at by them as if I am not their family member when I was living with them. They think people who drink alcohol is just lazy and not respectable. I wasn't drinking at all until I met my ex-husband, he taught me to drink! I appreciate him for it :-D

Oh, don't take me wrong, I am not drinking all day. Just enjoy drinking with dinner and until go to bed :)