Friday, January 11, 2008

Dyeing fabrics

My next quilt should be like this... I am trying to describe the four seasons with my trees. Starts with Spring and ends with Winter.

I decided to use solid light color fabric for the each season's upper side, and patterned similar colored fabric with the solid for the check pattern. I know it would be difficult to find enough light color solid fabric that I want for this quilt at local stores in my area, so.... I am dyeing natural white color fabric to the color I want though....

This is enough tough job! It might be faster to find the right fabric for the quilt online (but it's costly) :-( I am not sure how many yards I am going to waste.

The first color I picked up was pink for spring.

This is the dye powder I used. I didn't use much amount of it because I want light color.

And this is how I folded the fabric. I don't want completely solid, batik looking is fine!

Put the fabric in the pot....., and left it in hot colored water for 2 hours.

And the result is those...
These are wet, not dried yet. It should be lighter color when it dried though, I don't know if I want the color or not yet :-(

I have just found light blue color didn't go well :-( Woo, just buy solid fabric at a local store is better???