Saturday, January 05, 2008

A letter from my sister-in-law.

A few days ago, I received one letter from my sister-in-law. She is always very nice to me, I really appreciate my young brother for choosing her as his wife. She brought me 2 adorable nephews as well. They are like my reachable angels. I don't exchange letters or e-mails with her often, but I feel she thinks of me as her family.
She e-mailed me when she knew I had got pregnant, and she wrote me a letter this time when she knew I have got miscarried. She said in the letter that "I don't worry about you so much because I know you are always a positive person.". She enclosed 2 pictures of her sons (my nephews), and their drawings. I was so impressed and glad to death.

Accoding to Yuta (my first nephew : 3 years old), a person who is looking up is me. He even drew 7 of my rabbits around me :) And the bottom letters(?) written in blue color is his name..., but it's un-readable actually.

According to Hayato (my second nephew : 2 years old), something on the left top corner is me.... he has just started to be able to draw something.

Their birthdays are coming close this year too. Yuta will be 4 at Feb 12, and Hayato will be 3 at Mar 25. I send something to them all together for their birthday every year. It's always so fun for me to look around something for them. One problem I feel is what I need to find 2 similar things. I concern about they may fight with each other to have their preference.

Here is the things that I got for them this year.

2 of sleeping bags in Disney character. I have seen Hayato was watching DVD of this animation intently when I was in Japan the last summer. I wish I could send them DVDs, but they cannot watch DVDs made in the USA in Japan :-( My sister-in-law is working hard to get them correct English pronunciation in their childhood.
2 pair of slippers, toys, umbrellas, quilting books for my sister-in-law's mother.

Cloths for my sister-in-law, chocolates, snacks, tea, handmade soaps made by my friend (PegasusSoap), and colored water pencils to get their drawings again! :-D

Magnet sheets, T-shirt transfer and some t-shirts for fun :-)

I am not sure if they will have fun with those, but I anyway enjoyed to collect them. They have been packed in the box already, and ready to ship. ....... I am afraid to see how much it will cost for shipping to Japan... guessing around $100 via Airmail... might be better idea to ship it via surface. Oh, please don’t tell my husband about this if you know him. ha-ha-ha.