Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year's day.

How is your new year's day?? I hope you all are having nice new year's day.

Mine is so, so :-)
I went to a hospital to get blood check in this morning, and went to grocery store to get some sparkling wine, wine, beer, and cheese after that.
I know I should not buy wine at a grocery store as I believe they don't know proper way to store wine. Wine easily change the original taste depends on how they stored. I used to enjoy good quality of wine which I bought from a wine company, and enjoyed tasting parties that the wine company provided in Japan. I had to stop to buy wine from grocery shops since I knew the taste is a lot different from the one came from the wine company and grocery shops between the same brand of wine.

I love to enjoy the special occasion with the wine glasses that my friends gifted me.

The wine I got today was ... not good :-( as I expected. I have no idea if the taste was changed because of the storing way of the shop, or it is original. And the sparkling wine were ... not good neither... :-( I usually buy cheap wine because of that reason, I know I would get a not tasty bottle of wine if I pay a lot. But I enjoyed a big sandwich (made by me) with them and cheese chatting with my husband.
He is very funny when he is a drunk. He is 30 years older than me, so has lots, and lots of experience than me. I like to listen to his story of when he was young.

And now....., he sounds like he is going to take a day off tomorrow, since he is being a drunk...?