Monday, January 07, 2008

Thanks for many Birthday wish for me.

Today is my (and my husband's) birthday.
I received many messages (yes, I would they are many :-D) through e-mail, e-card, real card, comments on my Japanese blog, telephone, real words at Quilting group meeting from my friends. I appreciate them for remembering my birthday, and taking their time for messaging! 

There is nothing to do with my birthday though, the picture shows my rowdy rabbit Jeb. Took this picture from top holding him on my lap.
He looks so fat, but actually not that bad. He is Florida white which has thick fur. His fur is so silky and beautiful. He became a model of my Monsters quilt.

He came from a rabbit rescue society. According to them, he was abandoned and left in front of a vet with a cage. I am with him 1.5 years. To be honest, I understand how the last owner felt for him :-( He fight with everybody (human, rabbits), attacks and bark at me in madness everyday. He comes to me only for food.

Usually it takes a long time for rabbits to get along with human to live with, but he is taking a little too long compared to other rabbits. The rabbit rescue society told me to hold him for a few hours everyday even if he didn't like it. Rabbits are generally not trainable animal. I have seen some trained rabbits jumping many bars like a dog though. So just make them to get used be held, to live with me.

And... I started to do it as giving him a bad time. It's difficult to take a few hours everyday, so trying to do at least a hour. My time for internet surfing (just looking at the monitor, not typing because I hold him on my lap) was increased a lot.

If I cannot handle him, it will be very difficult time for both of him and me to take care of him when he becomes sick. I can guess easily he will fight with me like hell to take medicine, to eat healthy diet food (I have to force him to eat by syringe).

Actually his girlfriend Sujie is like him also. She is a big kind of rabbit, but her personality is milder than Jeb. I have to work with her, too.