Thursday, February 21, 2008

Custom order Quilt and Gauze Blanket

I have been working on big (?) projects these days. This is a custom order quilt which I was asked in the last fall, and was waiting for until winter since the lady who offered me the order intended to use it for this spring. She liked other similar quilt I ever made (below), so I tried to make it in similar color scheme.

I would say their color is similar, but I would say I prefer the new one. The color are a little brighter and clear, isn't it? This makes me feel "Spring is coming!".

And here is the blanket I am working on.

I am almost crazy about too many circles to do applique, I need to line the trees all way around. I have been wishing to do applique by sewing machine, but it's impossible for me since the gauze material is too soft. Even if I could do it, to do applique by sewing machine makes the blanket harder. So I will stay on doing it by hand, in future too. Anyway I love the touch of this blanket as it is like a mousse cake :)

This is a big job for me, and I know I will (am) appreciate(ing) the lady who offered me for this job because this blanket will represent my works for a long time.

Friday, February 15, 2008

How was your Valentine's day??

How was your Valentine's day? I hope you all had a wonderful day with all love around you!

Mine was..... oh, yes. I had a wonderful day too.
I had a appointment with the vet for my 3 rabbits in the morning, so I took them there with my husband. I again want to forget that they told us a wrong name of my rabbit that should be there. They said "Sujie has high level of sugar, and calcium" from the last blood check. So we took Sujie there, but they meant it was "Sou".



It's a big difference!!
Sorry for Sujie had to be taken the long travel for nothing! What they said was, "I cannot remember your rabbits name." And we have to go back again for Sou! How nice they are (>_<). But the main doctor is very skillful for rabbits as it is hard to have an appointment with her, and their price is lower. That is the reason of we stay with the vet for a long time.

By the way.
My friend gave me an information about there is a nice fabric store in the area of where the vet is located. I wasn't sure how close the vet and the fabric store is, and looked up the map. And I found they are VERY, UNBELIEVABLY, AMAZINGLY close!!

Here is the map of them.

Map Quest said it is 2 minutes driving from the vet to the fabric store, and it is even very possible to walk between. Since my husband lost his job, he doesn't have to go back to work after the vet, so I TOLD him (didn't ask, just told) that I will go to take a look of the shop, so PLEASE watch the rabbits in the car. So he can control the temperature in the car for them. It is impossible to leave them in a car when no one is with them, especially except for early spring and late fall. And he accepted it. Oh, this is very nice Valentine's gift from him.

It was about 20 minutes I have looked around in the shop! It was very nice as I told my husband that I wanted to live there. (He said to me, "Go back and ask them if you can live there or not.")

Here is the picture of the shop.
My friend who gave me that information is thinking to make a tour of 3 nice fabric shops around our area, but they are a bit far, so it's nice to make a tour with some people. I hope this picture gives my friend to find the store.

And, here is the fabrics I purchased!
Oh, they had so many high quality quilt fabrics including designers fabrics. They are not "Jo-Ann" quality, just nice! (And of course the price is higher than Jo-Ann though...)

Bought this fabric for my "Sakura" project. I have really so many kinds of fabrics though, I don't know why I don't have many selection of "light green". So I started to look around light green fabrics.

And these reminded me Japanese taste. I thought I would make a tote bag with those, but they are not enough amount since they are Fat Quarter. I think I would make a wristlet with thouse.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


So surprised to see the beautiful scenery this morning!
I feel very sorry for my friend's husband who slipped on the ice, and hit his tailborn... woo sounds very hurts!!! (>_<)

Everything is covered with ice. I felt like I am in the different world.
Although, I felt very sorry for the trees which couldn't hold the weight of ice, and broken as a result, but they were sooooooooo beautiful!!

My car was icy too!

I had a different lunch at Thai restaurant with my husband today.
My husband actually lost his job (again) yesterday. He had to go to the office to return his ID and some sort of things today. So, I asked him to go have lunch at somewhere to celebrate on he got fired :-( I think this is not his fault, since I also hear that "people who work in the office is really strange" from other lady who worked with my husband, and she is also looking for another job.

I would like to ask you, if you know Thai curry is usually very sweet in the USA??
The curry I had in Thailand was not that sweet. I am guessing many Thai restaurant modify the original food to fit American's taste. I think they generally like salty food and very sweet food. A Thai curry I ever had at another restaurant was also very sweet. My favorite Thai restaurant doesn't serve that sweet food.

<-- Menu
I had "Panang Curry".

Strangely, all of tables had a big piece of paper on the table cloth... There is no meaning of the table cloth I think....

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Nice, nice, nice, and happy day!

I had a very exciting and happy day yesterday at the quilting group !! Yesterday was very special for me.
I was able to see my precious friends who I didn't see for a while! You know..., I didn't know this feeling before, as I really appreciate my friends for being around me, or/and appreciating my family for being just there. They always warm me up by being there, by bringing me a story of their life which is very respectable, listening to my story in my -- hard to understand -- English. They always trying to help me, care about me, paying attention to me, so I want to do the same for them, but I actually have no idea what I can do for them since they are much greater than me.

I had a gift from a friend who moved in Ohio last year, she is visiting in Virginia in this week.

Polka dot fabrics and one project using polka dot!
This is really amazing project for me as I have been wanting to sew circle! It is always amazing to see how she is a prepared lady like this time, she copied all of the pattern for me, and even color photo copy! Everything is well organized by her.

I have one project I have been working on at only the quilt group.

Grandmother's Garden!

All done by hand, trying to describe cherry blossom. I got plastic plate for it in Japan. I found similar plate in the US, but I don't remember exactly where was it :(

My grandmother garden is growing really little by little, since I work on them at the quilting group. I am trying to make a lap sized quilt, but I am not sure yet since one lady told me that I need number of the plate for all edges. I may not have enough plates for it :(

And......! Here is my revenge!

I could get my lunch today! Finally!

The room that effected by smoke is still very stinky as there is someone who is a heavy smoker :-( Sometimes I get sore throat :-( It is getting weaker and weaker, but still (>_<).

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Do you know how dummy I am? (>_<)

Look at this picture. Can you figure out what it is?

This was supposed to be my lunch for today!

I had a hard morning today! I have taken all of rabbits to a vet for blood check. I do this every year to check their health status, so I can find their sickness before it gets worse.
You know, to carry 7 rabbits are not that easy. (And expensive too) I asked my husband to take half day off for it. The purpose to go to the vet was for blood check for all rabbits which was a technician appointment, and I needed to see a doctor for 2 rabbits.

Anyway, I want to forget that my main doctor for my rabbits declined to see them for the reason of I was late 5 minutes for the appointment time because she is so behind of her schedule, and took 2 hours for blood check for the guys. Both of my husband and I agreed with the idea of "She is not in good mood today." since we know she is a moody person. So we had to reschedule for it, and will try again next Thursday.

The vet is far as we have to drive up about 1.5 hours to get there. We really appreciated them for considering our location and considering a long history between them and us. Really.

My husband went to work late this afternoon after the vet, and I went to shopping after that. We were running out of beer! he-he-he.
I was so hungry when I went to the grocery shop, and found one junk food (frozen food) at the store!

This is it! I love Carbonara very much!

The direction for cooking says, "30-32 minutes for oven".

Oven...... Oven....?
What does Oven mean in the USA??? I thought oven is usually used for roasting whole turkey. Burn this small thing in the oven 30-32 minutes??? It couldn't be!!
I thought most of cases, you use microwave to cook it for around 5 minutes. This is strange.

And what I did was, put it in a microwave, and set the time as 20 minutes. I thought I need to special longer cook for this item, since I don't doubt many things as my personality.

I noticed something is burning because of the oder while I was taking care of my rabbits. And! Found my microwave is making smoke a lot !!! (>_<) Even the upside of room was whole smoke!!!

Oh my god.
How can I do for it.
I anyway opened windows, turned on fans. And..... called my husband to tell him not coming home until late.
He hates stinky house because of his sinus problem. Oder always makes his nose run. So I cannot cook meat inside, no oil inside. To cook meat inside is doesn't matter for him because he is a vegetarian, but I sometimes need meat. That case, I have to cook outside for myself. So I usually don't eat meat in my home either.

My husband is getting used to my stupidity a lot. He wasn't even mad at me on the phone when I described the situation laughingly. He has just suggested me what I should do, and said to me, "Not funny at all. Use your head asshole." calmly..... ( he has a bad mouse, and I don't care about it anymore.)

Sad (>_<)!!!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Soreness of my body :-(

I am feeling all of my body is sore, my shoulders, my back, waist, eyes, arms, tingling legs.... (>_<).
What happened to me...?

I think this is from craft, yes, hand carving, stamping and quilting. Am I sure?!?!?!?!?!?!?! But I have no idea what I got muscle pain from except for those. Unbelievable... I have to realize how much I don't exercise everyday.... Oh, I am shocked.... Wow.... how can I say? My husband is much older than me, and I expected him to pass away before me, but..... I am not sure about it now.... he may live longer than me.... seriously.... and I started to worry about myself WILL have Alzheimer in near future since there was a time that I couldn't remember how I stop water running from faucet. I will be an animal and people would treat me badly... as I hear that kind of news so often from Japan....


I finally finished this quilt. I ended up giving this to my friend.

I have a friend who has some problems. I don't understand exactly how she is feeling because I am not her. I can do nothing for her. I don't have large vocabulary to comfort her even in Japanese, and I don't have a lot of experiences like she does. All I can do is just imagine her pain gathering my experiences.

When I was watching this quilt top in my room, I thought I can finish this quilt for her. I want her to know how much I think of her even I can do nothing for her, and it might comfort her. So, started to quilt it suddenly like hell. I am not sure what color she likes, but I know she ever participated the program of Kimono block exchange. So I think at least she is interested in Asian style.

It might be not nice to write about it here, since she knows my blog, but I really want her to get well, if possible very soon. Sending this quilt to her tomorrow, hope I hear something good from her.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Letter paper set.

Jeb!, originally uploaded by EmiShimosato02.

Making stationary is far from sewing....., I guess. But I love stationary and my previous job was a DTP operator which enjoys to make designs for advertisement. Also, I enjoyed very much to carve rubber to make stamps! I learned a lot about stamping by myself!
This letter set has 6 different design of monsters letter paper, and 3 envelopes.