Wednesday, February 13, 2008


So surprised to see the beautiful scenery this morning!
I feel very sorry for my friend's husband who slipped on the ice, and hit his tailborn... woo sounds very hurts!!! (>_<)

Everything is covered with ice. I felt like I am in the different world.
Although, I felt very sorry for the trees which couldn't hold the weight of ice, and broken as a result, but they were sooooooooo beautiful!!

My car was icy too!

I had a different lunch at Thai restaurant with my husband today.
My husband actually lost his job (again) yesterday. He had to go to the office to return his ID and some sort of things today. So, I asked him to go have lunch at somewhere to celebrate on he got fired :-( I think this is not his fault, since I also hear that "people who work in the office is really strange" from other lady who worked with my husband, and she is also looking for another job.

I would like to ask you, if you know Thai curry is usually very sweet in the USA??
The curry I had in Thailand was not that sweet. I am guessing many Thai restaurant modify the original food to fit American's taste. I think they generally like salty food and very sweet food. A Thai curry I ever had at another restaurant was also very sweet. My favorite Thai restaurant doesn't serve that sweet food.

<-- Menu
I had "Panang Curry".

Strangely, all of tables had a big piece of paper on the table cloth... There is no meaning of the table cloth I think....