Thursday, March 27, 2008

Petit Granny bags

The first 3 of petit granny bags were sold so fast! So I have made some more today!

And some are coming more :)

Easy to only cut fabric, isn't it :-D I like to consider which fabric as lining looks good on the bag, so I cannot stop to go to remnant section in fabric stores :) And usually remnant fabrics inspire me a lot.

And new task for me.

I have been thinking to put my shop name on my items for a looooooooooong time, tried to make logo tape stamped on it or stamped fabric.
I have finally figured out the most easiest way for me. It is simply embroidered :), and it would never come off. Now I can add my shop name on my quilts, or blankets too :) I think that to add logo on my items make them look prettier.

A BIG SURPRISE for me today!!

These are a gift from my friend who I made the tree quilt for. Andover Magic rabbits fabrics! She told me that she is going to send me something if I couldn't come to our quilt meeting, and she has shipped them to me. I was expecting something like a small card from her when I heard that, but what I have received today was a heavy box! I thought a heavy statue or something might be in the box the first I received it from a mailman. The quantity of the fabrics are really large, I think it is more than 5 yards EACH. I am not sure what I am going to make with those, but I have to do something, since I keep getting rabbit fabrics from my friends, from my customer, and Japanese fabrics I got in Japan.

It is very pleasure and impressed to receive such a nice thoughtful fabrics from my customer. I sent her a small piece of Japanese fabrics with her purchase, and she sent me these fabrics in return from England (2 fabrics below on the picture). I am very honored to see people who has the same temperature as mine.
And a gift from my friend, it makes me very happy to think that she thought of me, she spent her time to look for the specific fabric.

Here are some rabbit fabrics which I brought from Japan. There are many, many kind of rabbit pattern fabrics in Japan as if most of people loves rabbits. I don't know why.

Any images of a project with those fabrics don't come up on my mind yet though, I will do something! I swear.

Monday, March 24, 2008

100 posts!

Finally, 100 posts to this blog! I have been working so slow..., haven't I....

Spending my time very busy everyday, so many things to do that I want! I have been producing many items for sale, and sometimes not for sale. Anyway, it's fun. The problem is how I can do with them after they are not sold after a long time. I just want to give them away to my friends if they hope, but it is rude to give leftover to my friends, isn't it? I anyway want to make something, don't have to keep them.

I cannot list all of them here, so please take a look at my Flickr site, if you would be interested in! :)

The greatest joy I had lately was what I have done 3 quilts for my friends who have lost one of their family.
I am very sorry for their loss from bottom of my heart, but I appreciate them for giving me this great opportunity. And appreciate their friendship, always.

One of my friend gave me one idea of choosing my tree pattern for the quilts. She said "The tree can represent a life of human." It is very true, isn't it.
It was exciting experience to make 3 quilts at the same time, I enjoyed, really enjoyed to see the colors in the same design and different quilting lines! This is unusual experience.

So, what I have done to describe one life is these :)

Blue : Tree and Wind

Green : Tree and Joy

White : Tree and Angel

I tried to describe angel wings in the quilting line, and this is my new line.

My friend who received the quilt told me that they had a little argument about which is the front or the back, since the tree side is so plain. My husband told me the same as he thinks "The busy side is always front". The tree side is the front... sorry....

Here is my 3 years old boy, BOO. He was named after the ghost that looks like white balloon, since he looks like it.

This story might be so crazy though..., I am thinking to have a new female bunny for his girlfriend.
Yes, the new bunny will be the 8th. I was thinking for a long time as "NO MORE RABBITS in my life after them!!! I want to go honeymoon at least before my husband die!!!"..., but....., Look at them! :)

Sou (dark gray : male : 3 years old) and Simone (light gray : female : 10 years old).
Sou is very nice husband for Simone! Always licking her, trying to take care of her, wants to be with her. (Maybe Simone doesn't care about him, but it is amazing to see that she didn't attack him as she is very aggressive, fights with anyone except for him! So, she is accepting him.)

This is happiness for them, isn't it?!
Except BOO, rest of my 6 rabbits have a partner each other. I want BOO to know this happiness with his girlfriend which he doesn't know yet.

Actually, I have met one small bunny at the rabbit rescue association. 4 of my rabbits came from there.
The bunny is still 6 weeks old, need to stay with the mother yet. And, we cannot know yet which gender the bunny is. I have anyway fell in love with her/him. I haven't had this feeling for 19 years. It was with my cat 19 years ago. She gave me a great joy for many years, and she is still fine with my mother in Japan. She is my first cat, and the best ever. I miss her very much...

I want to believe this fortune. The bunny may bring me such a wonderful life like my cat did.
If the baby is a boy, I .... have to.... give him up, since I don't have a new room for him. If it is a female, and can get along with BOO, Oh my God! Thank you God!!! (>_<). There are still a few weeks until I can know the gender. I cannot wait! (>_<)

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Finally done :-)

The custom order baby gauze blanket has been done last night! And already it was shipped today.

I really appreciate for the customer who gave me this order!
I was thinking to make a quilt in this design since before her order, but I was giving up to make it for sale since I know it would be time consuming and the price would be higher, which means it it less possibility to be sold.
So when I received her order and I showed the price to her before I go into the process, I told her about this and I didn't think she would accept it. But she did.

Now I could have some compliments on that job, which I would not get without her order. And I am feeling to make a quilt (not a baby blanket) in the same design. This is my challenge. Let's see what happens.


I started to have other etsy shop for stationery.
Here is my cards that I've done lately.

Sewing and making cards is totally different? Yes, I think so, but I don't think so.

Many designs that I want to try come up on my mind everyday! But it is difficult for me to describe it by sewing because of time. But what if the media was paper (printing)? It's much easier! My tote bags and cards are exactly same to me, it's just a different media. Problems are what I need to learn paper and ink. What paper is good for my inkjet printer? (I have got a high resolution photo printer...) What colors look better on that paper? something like that. I believe I will enjoy card design making!

But anyway! I have friends that I want to cheer them up by my quilts. So I will start to go for it!