Saturday, March 01, 2008

Finally done :-)

The custom order baby gauze blanket has been done last night! And already it was shipped today.

I really appreciate for the customer who gave me this order!
I was thinking to make a quilt in this design since before her order, but I was giving up to make it for sale since I know it would be time consuming and the price would be higher, which means it it less possibility to be sold.
So when I received her order and I showed the price to her before I go into the process, I told her about this and I didn't think she would accept it. But she did.

Now I could have some compliments on that job, which I would not get without her order. And I am feeling to make a quilt (not a baby blanket) in the same design. This is my challenge. Let's see what happens.


I started to have other etsy shop for stationery.
Here is my cards that I've done lately.

Sewing and making cards is totally different? Yes, I think so, but I don't think so.

Many designs that I want to try come up on my mind everyday! But it is difficult for me to describe it by sewing because of time. But what if the media was paper (printing)? It's much easier! My tote bags and cards are exactly same to me, it's just a different media. Problems are what I need to learn paper and ink. What paper is good for my inkjet printer? (I have got a high resolution photo printer...) What colors look better on that paper? something like that. I believe I will enjoy card design making!

But anyway! I have friends that I want to cheer them up by my quilts. So I will start to go for it!