Thursday, March 27, 2008

Petit Granny bags

The first 3 of petit granny bags were sold so fast! So I have made some more today!

And some are coming more :)

Easy to only cut fabric, isn't it :-D I like to consider which fabric as lining looks good on the bag, so I cannot stop to go to remnant section in fabric stores :) And usually remnant fabrics inspire me a lot.

And new task for me.

I have been thinking to put my shop name on my items for a looooooooooong time, tried to make logo tape stamped on it or stamped fabric.
I have finally figured out the most easiest way for me. It is simply embroidered :), and it would never come off. Now I can add my shop name on my quilts, or blankets too :) I think that to add logo on my items make them look prettier.

A BIG SURPRISE for me today!!

These are a gift from my friend who I made the tree quilt for. Andover Magic rabbits fabrics! She told me that she is going to send me something if I couldn't come to our quilt meeting, and she has shipped them to me. I was expecting something like a small card from her when I heard that, but what I have received today was a heavy box! I thought a heavy statue or something might be in the box the first I received it from a mailman. The quantity of the fabrics are really large, I think it is more than 5 yards EACH. I am not sure what I am going to make with those, but I have to do something, since I keep getting rabbit fabrics from my friends, from my customer, and Japanese fabrics I got in Japan.

It is very pleasure and impressed to receive such a nice thoughtful fabrics from my customer. I sent her a small piece of Japanese fabrics with her purchase, and she sent me these fabrics in return from England (2 fabrics below on the picture). I am very honored to see people who has the same temperature as mine.
And a gift from my friend, it makes me very happy to think that she thought of me, she spent her time to look for the specific fabric.

Here are some rabbit fabrics which I brought from Japan. There are many, many kind of rabbit pattern fabrics in Japan as if most of people loves rabbits. I don't know why.

Any images of a project with those fabrics don't come up on my mind yet though, I will do something! I swear.