Sunday, April 13, 2008

犬張子 -- Inu hariko --

"Inu hariko" is a Japanese traditional toy for children since old time. It is a dog shaped toy. I did know the dog, but didn't know what it is for. All I knew was "Japanese traditional something". Nowadays, it is used like a good luck charm for children.

When I made a bag with this patterned fabric, my husband said, "it is a cat!". Yes, it also looks like a cat, but it is a dog. I have read some informations about it on the internet, and started to feel it is very pretty. In fact, I sew that many Japanese people make their original items using the dog.

So :-D
Here is my original illustration of the dog! It took more than half day to draw though..., I think it is pretty!

I printed on a T-shirt transfer sheet, and ironed on white fabric, made a tote bag with it... though... I feel like something is strange :-( I anyway post this tote on my shop, but I am not sure if people would like it or not.