Monday, April 07, 2008

Japanese manga (comics)

I used to love Japanese manga very much as manga was most important thing in my life, when I was a teenager. All of my money I could spend was spent for manga, I had many, many of them as I don't know how many I have had.
I had to clean all of my belongings I had in Japan, when I went back to my home in the last summer, so I sold all of them to a used book store. I was really unhappy about it, but I couldn't help it :-(
I have lost my time to enjoy manga since I started to have a job after graduation, and seldom read it around middle of 20's, I am away a lot from manga now as I don't read it at all.

When I left Japan for the USA 4 years ago, I had a few manga that I continue reading because the story was still going on. And forgot about it after came in the USA, didn't think about it a lot even when I was in Japan the last summer. But I have only one manga, I really want to know the story until the last.

I was actually almost forgetting about it either, but I have one customer who loves manga, and we chatted about it when she ordered my tote bags. I knew all about she told me about her favorite manga, I was so excited even.

Now, she has sparked my interest in that manga, I have been looking at the website that I can read it since then. Nowadays, it is really convenient we can read books on the internet. It is not free though, a lot less expensive than purchasing real books. I don't have to store the books on my shelf, I don't have to think about reselling them after finish reading. I don't want to have many things around me (except fabric, and most of them are for my shop), since I have noticed that I don't need many things in my life.

I have been fighting with myself about if I read the manga on the internet or not, because manga is like a drug for me which keep myself in a dream world :-( Oh my.