Friday, May 30, 2008


FINALLY!!(I think), I could bring my husband to the most important area for me to renovate!!
He is out of job more than 3 months :(, and he wasn't working for house renovations neither. Our house needs to be fixed all over, I cannot invite anybody because of it! Sometimes I hear from my friends who live in Japan about they would like to visit me, but all I can say is "I will find a hotel room for you." What a wonderful friend for them! :( I want to say "Come anytime! Don't worry about a hotel!!"

Our house is big (for me... especially I am from Japan which, everything is small!), but wasting 95% of the property. It's a big mess. I took the best room in the house for my sewing room, which has a new carpet, the walls were painted beautifully (it's just white though).

This area (next to the kitchen counter) was full of plants in winter times. Since the plants has gone to outside to get enough energy from the Sun for next winter, it is the time to fix!!
Especially, in summer time, wasps come in from somewhere of the ceiling. I have been asking my husband to find where they come from for 4 years. It's wasps. Not mosquitoes (I hate them too), not flies, they are WASPS. The first summer after I moved in the USA, I have killed 24 wasps with a fly swatter in a day in this house. It's unbelievable, isn't it (>_<)!! I have stung one time. Only one time, I am lucky.

We are almost in summer this year too. I have already seen 4 wasps in the house this year.

Yesterday, he promised me to finish this area in 10 days!! and started to work on it.

What he has found after a while is this.
This wasp nest is bigger than a basket ball.
Just 3 steps away from my computer, and look up the ceiling, IT'S THERE. It's inside of the house.

I told my husband to call my friend who is doing pest control. But he said "it's cost too much. I will do by myself." I guess, he may want to die.

He was saying to me last night "How about to use a fire extinguisher? It would chill them for a while."

Oh my God... help me (>_<).

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Chocolate Candy boxes -- Baby quilt --

Beautiful Jelly roll from Moda fabric :-D
I didn't know what this is used for, even though I have seen it many times. I finally figured it out when a strip pieced quilt and jelly rolls are presented at the same place at a fabric store! It took a long time :(

We can save time to collect fabrics, and they are all color organized, it is just like a kit!

I enjoyed a lot staring at it from other directions, and took a lot of picture of it. This is perfectly pretty!!!

And started to disassemble it...

Woo, I miss the stubble! (>_<)

It became many pieces of fabric...

I sewed, sewed and sewed the strips together.

Still sewing, and sewing...

And it became a big piece :)

Here is the baby quilt I have made from it.



With the back.

The back.

I got this fabric for the backing a while ago. I really liked it, and purchased 3 yards at online store. It is also from Moda fabric. But I have noticed the each circles are too big for a small project like a tote bag, when I received it.
Now, I am happy about I could use it for the right place.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Snacks from Japan! Yummy!

I have received one package from Japan today!
Here in VA, it has been raining since this weekend, I felt sorry for the mailman who came up to my front door for delivery in the rain. I also received a large delivery from UPS today, but they just left it in front of the door :( I didn't know about it for hours, so the box was wet :-(

Always so exciting to open the delivered box, isn't it? :-D

Beautifully packaged :)

A box and a bag, and a card from my friend were inside!

Woo, what a cute card! Her handmade, of course!

4 kinds of "Arare" (rice crackers), and deep fried Okura were inside of the bag!

Looks delicious! I love Okura! Okura is called in the same name in Japan. I thought Okura is a Japanese word, I was surprised when I knew Okura is Okura everywhere!
My husband was saying that "It's an interesting idea, Japanese is great!" (Japanese is sometimes (or often) crazy for him too.)

And "Natto arare"!
"Natto" is spoiled soy beans. I think some of you know about "natto", and most of you wouldn't like it.

Detail of "natto arare". Interesting appearance :) The taste was good for me, but my husband was rinsing his mouth after he ate it! (>_<)

And gorgeous cookies (rusk with white chocolate) in the box!!

I have asked her before if she knows shops that sell delicious snacks or cakes for my nephews, and she told me this rusk would be good for them! Yes, it is delicious!!

She said she thought of me and remembered we talked about it, when she ordered it for her nieces and her sister who lives in the USA, and she made an extra package for me too!

I have tried to order the rusk on their online shop, but unfortunately they didn't take a payment through credit cards. So only people who live in Japan can make orders.

My husband loooooooooooooooooooooooves Japanese snacks! Everytime my friends send me something, he looks for snacks in the package. He has opened all of the small packages of the snacks, and enjoying them (except for "natto arare")!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Beads Necklace.

This beautiful necklace was made by my friend's daughter. I was given it from her the last spring when I visited my friend's house. My friend is one of my best, we shared our high school days. She is like my mother now.

Her daughter got the first job this spring after graduating. Every time I visit my friend, she always gives me her beads work. They are getting gorgeous more and more! I believe she is very talented! I was hoping her to have a job related beads working or designing jewelry, but she took a job in different field.

I am not a kind of person who always wear accessory, even don't care a lot about what I wear. As long as the clothes are clean, it's basically fine. I don't even have an wedding band, all of accessories I have were gifted by my people. When I wear accessories and fancy clothes is maybe only for a Christmas party which is provided by my husband's company. My husband is the same kind, so he has many of the same shirts for work, and the same socks. Everyone must think he doesn't change clothes everyday. ha-ha.

But! I love girly things!! I don't have to wear it, but love to see!
So, I found the way to show off the beautiful necklace to people, and even to me! My mannequin wears it! and it will be in the picture every time when I take a picture of my tote bags for sale.

I was surprised to see my mannequin looks beautiful with it, really. This is a magic :-D

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

My 8th princess.

I have met the bunny again a week ago :-D Here she is :)

She was becoming a scared rabbit than I first met her.
I held her for a while, but she didn't like it and ran away from me to hide herself between the wall and the other rabbit once I released her in the cage.

I hope she would be friendly with my male rabbit Boo. Boo was like her when he came my home, taking 3 years to get him friendly. He has broken 2 of my husband's finger nails because of fear. My husband was just trying to get him out of the cage, but he must felt my husband was going to kill him or something. He bit my husband's nails.... twice... I don't know if he and the new rabbit would get along with each other, both have similar personality. It might be difficult.

Other white female was feeling so comfortable in the cage.
My husband was mentioning the possibility of having the white girl instead if they didn't like each other, since she looks like my dearest rabbit who passed away 2 years ago.

Anyway, I still have to wait some more until I can introduce my male rabbit to her.

I have made 4 bags (total 5) at once the day before yesterday. It is made out of Japanese kimono obi fabric, which is gorgeously embroidered and material is thick and sturdy. 2 of them are for sale, and other 2 have left for Japan yesterday.

I sent one of them to my mother before, and she showed it to my sister-in-law. I have received an e-mail from my mother which is saying "She was so excited when she looked at the bag! I think she would be very happy if you would sent her another bag!"

So, I have made the same one for her and her mother too! I have received a big box filled up by Japanese fabrics from her and her mother the other day. I hope they would like the bag :)