Friday, May 30, 2008


FINALLY!!(I think), I could bring my husband to the most important area for me to renovate!!
He is out of job more than 3 months :(, and he wasn't working for house renovations neither. Our house needs to be fixed all over, I cannot invite anybody because of it! Sometimes I hear from my friends who live in Japan about they would like to visit me, but all I can say is "I will find a hotel room for you." What a wonderful friend for them! :( I want to say "Come anytime! Don't worry about a hotel!!"

Our house is big (for me... especially I am from Japan which, everything is small!), but wasting 95% of the property. It's a big mess. I took the best room in the house for my sewing room, which has a new carpet, the walls were painted beautifully (it's just white though).

This area (next to the kitchen counter) was full of plants in winter times. Since the plants has gone to outside to get enough energy from the Sun for next winter, it is the time to fix!!
Especially, in summer time, wasps come in from somewhere of the ceiling. I have been asking my husband to find where they come from for 4 years. It's wasps. Not mosquitoes (I hate them too), not flies, they are WASPS. The first summer after I moved in the USA, I have killed 24 wasps with a fly swatter in a day in this house. It's unbelievable, isn't it (>_<)!! I have stung one time. Only one time, I am lucky.

We are almost in summer this year too. I have already seen 4 wasps in the house this year.

Yesterday, he promised me to finish this area in 10 days!! and started to work on it.

What he has found after a while is this.
This wasp nest is bigger than a basket ball.
Just 3 steps away from my computer, and look up the ceiling, IT'S THERE. It's inside of the house.

I told my husband to call my friend who is doing pest control. But he said "it's cost too much. I will do by myself." I guess, he may want to die.

He was saying to me last night "How about to use a fire extinguisher? It would chill them for a while."

Oh my God... help me (>_<).