Monday, May 12, 2008

Snacks from Japan! Yummy!

I have received one package from Japan today!
Here in VA, it has been raining since this weekend, I felt sorry for the mailman who came up to my front door for delivery in the rain. I also received a large delivery from UPS today, but they just left it in front of the door :( I didn't know about it for hours, so the box was wet :-(

Always so exciting to open the delivered box, isn't it? :-D

Beautifully packaged :)

A box and a bag, and a card from my friend were inside!

Woo, what a cute card! Her handmade, of course!

4 kinds of "Arare" (rice crackers), and deep fried Okura were inside of the bag!

Looks delicious! I love Okura! Okura is called in the same name in Japan. I thought Okura is a Japanese word, I was surprised when I knew Okura is Okura everywhere!
My husband was saying that "It's an interesting idea, Japanese is great!" (Japanese is sometimes (or often) crazy for him too.)

And "Natto arare"!
"Natto" is spoiled soy beans. I think some of you know about "natto", and most of you wouldn't like it.

Detail of "natto arare". Interesting appearance :) The taste was good for me, but my husband was rinsing his mouth after he ate it! (>_<)

And gorgeous cookies (rusk with white chocolate) in the box!!

I have asked her before if she knows shops that sell delicious snacks or cakes for my nephews, and she told me this rusk would be good for them! Yes, it is delicious!!

She said she thought of me and remembered we talked about it, when she ordered it for her nieces and her sister who lives in the USA, and she made an extra package for me too!

I have tried to order the rusk on their online shop, but unfortunately they didn't take a payment through credit cards. So only people who live in Japan can make orders.

My husband loooooooooooooooooooooooves Japanese snacks! Everytime my friends send me something, he looks for snacks in the package. He has opened all of the small packages of the snacks, and enjoying them (except for "natto arare")!