Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tunic and Treasury!

My second time for treasury picked up by Etsy admin!
I am lucky!

I was wondering what is going on when I found so many people added my shop to their favorite in a day. I thought one of my item was picked up somewhere, but it took a while to find out.

The first time for treasury, the etsy admin who picked up kindly sent me a message. I could know about it thanks to her, but this time.

I am anyway very happy to see my item in the treasury!! :-D
Thank you!

Ok, I have made a tunic for a child!
It is very different to sew a cloth from to sew a bag or a quilt.
It wasn't difficult, it was different.

I used a Japanese pattern that is for 2T - 5T, I picked up the largest size..., 5T. Japanese outfit size is smaller than the US size. So maybe it would be the same as 4T of American size.

I am thinking to give this to my husband's friend's daughter who is 4 years old, but.... she is a big girl. I asked her father (my husband's friend) what size she wears, and the answer was 6T - 7T... I am not sure if this tunic would fit her.

All I felt after I finished making it was "Maybe I don't like to sew clothes :( " I prefer making quilts!

My mother is a professional of dress maker. She used to make a lot of clothes for me, even suits. She is able to draw patterns too. My clothes were always like a custom order. I should really appreciate her!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Good news, bad news......

First of all, I have received an e-mail from my friend which says her husband's kidney transplant operation really went well today. It gave me really peace of mind. I don't want my friends to have unhappy things even a little. But we sometimes have to struggle or fight with the fact in our life. To fight with myself is the hardest thing. I anyway cannot control other people even my husband, so I don't worry about it.

I hear a lot of bad or unhappy news from my friends (from both Japan and the USA) this year. When I heard from other friend about my friend's husband suicided, I couldn't say anything to cheer her up, just any words didn't come up in my brain. And other friend's husband found he has leukemia. Some of my quilt friends, or their family have a health problem that surgery needed, some lost their family. My brother had a big accident that he got 15 stitches on his leg (so many stitched inside for muscles, fortunately the bone was ok). There are even enough bad news for 2 years, but these happened in the last 6 months.

I have had a miscarried just before the new year's day, and my husband lost the job in Feb, but they are not a big deal compared to my friend's misfortunes.
Every time I hear the news, every time I realize I cannot practically help them, but mentally I hope.

Here is the good news for me today.

One of my tote bag was picked up by Etsy admin for treasury.
This listing will be expired Friday 12:20pm June 20.

And received a package from Japan a while ago :)


Japanese quilting magazines!

From the magazine : Bags

From the magazine : International quilt show in Korea

From the magazine : About Paducah city in KY

From the magazine : Red quilt

From added bonus of the magazine : quilt calender

Japanese quilts are very different and unique than American quilts. Very interesting :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Vacuum cleaner.

My lovely vacuum cleaner has broken today :( This is the second time.

It is from Shop.vac, the smallest size one. I love this vacuum cleaner (hope it has wheels, but it's ok), it's very convenience for me. I don't need a cleaner bag, (so don't have to buy it!), suck up dust well, and holds the dust a lot (so I don't have to clean itself often), very easy to deal with when it's clogged.

I clean my rabbit's cage with this 2 times a day. The vacuum cleaner has gone when I started to clean it.

The first time when it was broken, I just called my husband to fix it. He is a very handy man, he fix almost anything. I was very impressed that he fixed the coffee maker with a small parts (it was 20 cents) before. I am not familiar with electric things, so I would have to buy new one if I didn't have him. And maybe many people are doing that.

He has fixed it for the first time, and it was working. But today...., unfortunately, it has gone again. So I again called my husband to fix it. He found the problem, but he didn't have the right parts. This time, he found something similar one, and modified it, and... my lovely vacuum cleaner is working again with less noise :-D

He always explains about electric things and physics, but I really don't understand it! It might be a good English lesson, but I am not interested in the topics anyway...
I always tell my husband to leave his brain for me when he dies, since he is a genius.

Friday, June 13, 2008


House renovation is not going well :( My husband keeps finding new problems to fix on the ceiling.
It is left for around a week because always something to do come up as well :(
We didn't have electricity twice after the storms lately, and one company which is offering my husband to work with keep sending papers to fill out (but we never know if he gets the job or not yet), his friend is asking him for chores, our oldest rabbit is sick... etc. All of unpredictable things are delaying the renovation.

I have been hoping my husband to find a new job very soon, but at the same time, I will miss him about being separated when he goes to work. But he has to find a job!!

Here are some pictures of my idols (my nephews) :-D
Oh, oh, oh, they are really cute and adorable!
My sister in law sometimes send me their pictures in mails, and my brother also sometimes send me from his cell phone.

This is my first nephew -- Yuta.
His smiling face will kill many ladies in future! I mean it! I have almost cried!

This is my second nephew -- Hayato.
He started to go to kindergarten from this Spring. This picture was taken by my brother at the entrance celemony. Cool!!

In Japan, we have many small summer festivals in this season!
They are in the festival costume :)

And taking a bath together!

They are good friends each other.
My sister in law told me that they go to the same kindergarten, and Yuta always care about Hayato. Yuta often goes to Hayato's class to see how Hayato is doing. One time, Hayato had a fight with other child, and he ended up crying! Yuta saw it, and rushed to his class teacher to ask for saving Hayato.

I keep looking, looking, looking at the pictures over and over again. All of the episodes I hear from my sister in law impress me very much as I sometimes weep.
I cannot stop myself to sending gifts to them, always looking for something for them. I know too much is not good, though.... I appreciate my sister in law for trying them to not forget me. I want to visit them every half year! I really miss them.


I am trying to make toddler sized clothes since my friend was so happy when I gifted it for her daughter's birthday. She said I should make it for sale, but to sew clothes is not my field. I anyway got some patterns, and am going to try to do. I read through the explanations on the pattern, it seems not so difficult for me.

My first tunic will be made with these fabrics --- Japanese yukata (kimono for summer, or kimono styled pajama) fabric --.
I hope it goes well.