Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Good news, bad news......

First of all, I have received an e-mail from my friend which says her husband's kidney transplant operation really went well today. It gave me really peace of mind. I don't want my friends to have unhappy things even a little. But we sometimes have to struggle or fight with the fact in our life. To fight with myself is the hardest thing. I anyway cannot control other people even my husband, so I don't worry about it.

I hear a lot of bad or unhappy news from my friends (from both Japan and the USA) this year. When I heard from other friend about my friend's husband suicided, I couldn't say anything to cheer her up, just any words didn't come up in my brain. And other friend's husband found he has leukemia. Some of my quilt friends, or their family have a health problem that surgery needed, some lost their family. My brother had a big accident that he got 15 stitches on his leg (so many stitched inside for muscles, fortunately the bone was ok). There are even enough bad news for 2 years, but these happened in the last 6 months.

I have had a miscarried just before the new year's day, and my husband lost the job in Feb, but they are not a big deal compared to my friend's misfortunes.
Every time I hear the news, every time I realize I cannot practically help them, but mentally I hope.

Here is the good news for me today.

One of my tote bag was picked up by Etsy admin for treasury.
This listing will be expired Friday 12:20pm June 20.

And received a package from Japan a while ago :)


Japanese quilting magazines!

From the magazine : Bags

From the magazine : International quilt show in Korea

From the magazine : About Paducah city in KY

From the magazine : Red quilt

From added bonus of the magazine : quilt calender

Japanese quilts are very different and unique than American quilts. Very interesting :)